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The advantages of using a Security Company to hold keys to deal with emergencies

The idea of having peace of mind on all fronts when it comes to security is often an out-of-reach ideal for most business or homeowners. If your house or business is ever vulnerable to a break in, having someone on hand 24/7 who is able to provide access to your property or check for damage is a huge weight off your shoulders – and your feet, if you are on holiday.


We have all left spare sets of keys with employees or neighbours. This works to an extent, but we know that in everyday life people do go away, travel to areas with no mobile phone signal or are just too far away to respond quickly. Thus, in doing this you are relying on goodwill to ensure your assets are secured, and may spend your time away worrying about what is happening back at the office or at home.

In a nutshell, Key holding the process of relocating a set of your keys to a trusted security company which operates 24/7. The keys are stored in an electronically secure safe when you are away or in a circumstance where you will not have access to your property. Having a set of your keys safely locked away at an independent location means that whatever happens to other sets of your keys, you will still have the ability to access your property in an emergency.

Risk levels are elevated to their maximum during the periods when premises are unoccupied. Intruders have become savvy to business comings and goings and invariably use this window of opportunity to break into a property. This is when Key holding comes into its own. If you are the unfortunate victim of a break in or experience an emergency, one advantage of Key holding service is having a Mobile inspector on hand to check the property inside and out to make sure everything is in order. Shield Security Services are a telephone call away and will provide you with your secure set of keys – day or night. Peace of mind, right?

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Another benefit is that Shield Security Services operate a “Key tracker” system, which requires individual user codes to access each key – which are unmarked. Authorised personnel are the only people sanctioned to electronically log keys in or out or return them safely to you. Shield keep a computerised log of all the activities regarding the key’s movements, so their every move is authorised and monitored – this eliminates any potential for human error. Authorised personnel can also help out by letting in cleaners, decorators or workmen due to carry out a repair whilst you are absent. All these activities are electronically logged to provide you with more peace of mind that your keys are safe and secure.

One other avenue to obtain optimum security is to align Shield with your alarm company. This would enable them to call Shield in an emergency, who could in turn respond immediately – this saves you the rigmarole and worry of ‘calling around the houses’ if anything untoward ever happens. This service is on a ‘pay as you play’ type basis, where you only pay for the visits made during that period – which could range from a long weekend to several months.

Key holding services are advantageous to businesses and homeowners alike and most do combine the service with other security support services such as emergency response and CCTV Remote Monitoring. It is a small price to pay for – that term again – peace of mind.