Cyber Security and Penetration Testing

IES specializes in providing coverage in all aspects of IT security auditing – from basic penetration testing to advanced application layer auditing and up to organizational level – IT security policy assessments, security guidelines evaluation and management consulting. The service is customizable to fit the particular needs of the client. In order to provide the best quality of service, the auditors perform vulnerability detection and research manually, thus ensuring full understanding and evaluation of security implications, and preventing any damage caused by automatic testing tools. Adding human creativity and reasoning to the testing procedures recreates real-world scenarios and guarantees a complete assessment.

The auditing services we provide are modularly structured, depending on target type, complexity, perspective and layer, drawing on the previous experiences and scenarios already tested.

For each client, IES finely tunes and prepares customized auditing packages determined by the particular perspective and targets intended for analysis. As such, for specialized auditing, modules are combined and extended for the best coverage.