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Shield in top 12% of audited companies in the UK

In February, Shield received their Approved Contractor Scheme end-of-audit feedback report and I’m delighted to be able to report that we not only passed our Quality Management System audit, but also passed the ACS audit with a much improved score of 127.

To put that in context, two years ago we scored 94 and last year we scored 107.

We have been told that we have scored the highest score of any company that this auditor visits and with this score we can be assured that Shield are in the top 10-12% of companies in the UK (there are approximately 756 ACS approved companies in the UK at the moment). A fantastic achievement!

This is a superb score and really positively reflects the hard work that so many people put in on a daily basis.

Shield is dedicated to providing a high-quality, tailored security service for clients and is proud to not only maintain but improve on our quality service provision, year on