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Secure Your Premises 24/7 With CCTV Remotely Monitored From a Control Room

For the security conscious, it is no secret that CCTV is the most cost-effective deterrent on the market today. However, we sometimes do wonder what good it is if no one is monitoring it in real time. It is of little use checking it post-break in – the burglars will be long gone, and the damage is done.

Most de-facto, bog-standard cameras do not tend to fool security-hip intruders these days, who can invariably tell if a CCTV camera is legit or not. In the past, intruders have been known to test CCTVs by looking through windows or knocking on doors to see if they move – they are sneaky devils. Just imagine though, if when this happened on your premises, intruders were confronted with a Big-Brother-esque voice asking them what they are doing. This would surely put them off and keep your premises safe for evermore!

What Are The Benefits?

One of the main benefits of having a CCTV camera is that they can be placed anywhere for any kind of premises. We have seen them in Office blocks, farmhouses, out buildings, garages, garden sheds and even up trees. If you can get power to it, you can place it anywhere!

Of course, the physical presence of a static guard on site will provide an effective deterrent because an intruder will have to try and bypass them. However, despite sometimes being necessary, it can be more cost effective to use CCTV.

Shield CCTV offers the blessing of virtual security guards. Let’s say your CCTV is placed to cover the most vulnerable areas of your premises. These cameras are then linked via a phone line using ultra-special equipment to link to our control room. The virtual security Controllers silently watch your CCTV stream looking for any illegal activity. We can even arrange it so that a speaker is attached to the cameras, where in the event of a burglary or any suspicious activity, we can vocally challenge any intruders and put them off immediately. Shield also record what the intruders were up to and have the ability to provide evidence to the Police and the Insurance Company if required.

Find out more about Shield’s CCTV Remote Monitoring

Not all control rooms are kitted out with these facilities and other companies offering a similar service may share their control room with many other providers. The difference in using Shield Security is that it manages its own dedicated control room 24/7 with fully trained controllers. In the event of an incident, the system will alert the controller who will then examine the footage. If there is a break-in in progress, Shield will call the Police and despatch a mobile inspector immediately. Shield also has the ability to tell the intruders that the police are on their way.

Of course, there is an annual charge depending on the premises and number of cameras used for monitoring 24/7, and If a mobile officer is sent then there is an additional charge – but this is based on an ‘as and when’ basis. Having remotely monitored CCTV is an extremely cost-effective security measure. It saves you the cost of having a physical security guard on hand, but allows you the security of having one monitoring your premises at the same time at a very reasonable cost. It’s a no-brainer.