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Police cuts mean less focus on burglaries

News out today has revealed that we may no longer see a police officer after certain crimes such as burglaries.

This announcement comes in the light of yet more budget cuts to our police forces; but Sara Thornton, head of the new National Police Chiefs’ Council, says that focus has also switched from less ‘traditional’ crimes.

Crime statistics have revealed a drop in burglaries and car crimes, but crimes such as sex offences, terrorism and cybercrime is on the increase and it’s these areas where policing will need to prioritise and focus its efforts. Police budgets have been cut by 25% over the last four years and are set to be cut even further.

Despite these statistics, these ‘traditional’ crimes haven’t disappeared so this announcement is worrying news. It would appear now that the onus will be more on the public to further protect their businesses and homes, so that if you were to fall prey, you know you’ve done all you can to prevent a crime. It seems we can no longer rely on the police for the levels of support we might have previously been used to.

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