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How important is it that my Security Provider is based locally?

When choosing a new security company to partner with, one of the key questions you have to ask is how important is location to the service and cover that can be provided? Initial reactions for most would be the closer the company the quicker the response, but does that mean they are the best company to fit your requirements?

In this blog we look over the location issues related to Security Providers and answer some key points for you to consider.

Does being local mean you get a faster response from a Security Provider?

Not necessarily, there are many things to consider. For example a local provider who doesn’t operate 24/7 is highly unlikely to respond to an incident occurring out of office hours. It is much more important to understand what procedures are in place to deal with incidents and how they plan to respond.

For example Shield Securities in house 24/7 CCTV monitoring team can keep a permanent eye on your premises, wherever it may be in the world. Find out more here.

But if we are not local surely we can’t get a quick response?

No, in fact CCTV remote monitoring can provide an instant response via an audio link. For example any suspicious visitors to your site can be spoken to and asked to identify themselves and be warned off if appropriate at any time of the day.

If there is a break in or vandalism the Police can be called immediately and a mobile patrol can also be sent to secure the premises.

Is reacting to short term emergencies affected by distance?

Obviously the response in a mobile vehicle will depend on many factors on top of distance, such as the time of the day or night, road conditions and any traffic issues including diversions.

If the managed site is a long distance from the control centre, if necessary a sub-contracted provider who operates locally to the site can be on standby to assist.

How important are regular visits from the Security Provider?

This is absolutely vital, so ensure the security provider you are looking to partner are prepared to visit your site on a regular basis (no matter where they are based).

The visits to site are important because:

1) The provider will be able to meet your staff and build a rapport with people on site. This opens up a clear path of communication, which will be vital to ensure important information is shared.

2) If the security provider has their guards on site, it ensures that they can check they are dressed smartly and are on top of their work and performing as expected.

3) The provider will check that all paper work is being completed properly and any incidents are being recorded.

4) Most importantly it shows the company cares about your security and that they are constantly ensuring that they are providing the very highest service levels.

In conclusion

Location is a major factor to consider when choosing a Security Provider, however it is more important to understand how they operate and what services they provide. With modern technology location has become less important and there are many ways that a 24/7 365 day a year security service can be provided from a distance.

If you would like to find out more, or discuss your own security requirements then please contact one of our team on the details below.