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Counting the Cost of Leaving Your Premises Unsecured

No matter who you are, where you are from or what your financial situation, you will at some point have wondered if your home is safe. It is a natural human disposition to worry about such things. Is it burglary-proofed? Is there enough deterrent to stop an intruder? Are your belongings safe inside when you are not home? Are windows and doors properly secured?

What is Entry-Level Security Protection?

Of course, we are all aware that the minimum protection we can have without any cost whatsoever is to make sure we don’t plaster our plans all over social media, keys and valuables are not in plain sight from windows and windows and doors are properly locked and secured. Yet, we can take that one step further and ensure an alarm system is in place. However, you may then ask yourself ‘what is the point of an alarm that rings but no-one is on hand to react to it?’ In this instance you could take the plunge and pay for a monitored alarm system. If your premises are business-based, then you could even consider key holding as well, to ensure there is a safe, guarded spare set of keys available to you at all times.

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These things would all fall under the entry-level security protection umbrella. However, how many people actually seek out and pay for this off their own back? From our experience in the industry, we have gathered information that gives the consensus that the majority are reactive in installing security measures, rather than proactive. Most people do not consider security until after their premises has been compromised. Only then do they seriously consider paying money to ensure their premises are secure. However, the age-old question rears its ugly head once again – is it too late?

This is when hindsight would be a benefit. Much like anything of this nature, security is a safeguard, an insurance, an all-round protection against burglary. In the insurance simile it works particularly well in that we do not enjoy handing over our hard-earned cash for it, but we are overwhelmingly glad we did when the time comes to make a claim. You are comforted in knowing you are protected.

There is a myth that securing your property properly is expensive, but we beg to differ. With the benefit of hindsight you might wish you had, but if you are proactive enough to take measures before your property is compromised, the peace of mind that protection offers far outweighs the burden of any costs incurred.

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